Go to Market

development and prototyping

test and validation

volume and profitability

Customers don’t buy what you think they need. They buy what they want.

You have your Startup, a product concept and a business model defining how to develop and market it. Is this guarantee of success? Far from it.

The Concept needs to evolve to prototype, that will be tested out on the Market. You need to identify test customers, willing to give you the most valuable feedback.

A thorough test plan must be put in place, with clear objectives, requirements and deliverables. KPIs will measure how close the company is from having a product to market fit.

Test results will very likely recommend product changes and refinement. A change management process must be applied to ensure adequate validation of requirements.

Having the right product to the right market, means you have reached a reasonable level of effectiveness (you're doing the right thing.) The next step is to pursue volume and traction, achieved by improving efficiency.

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