Growth Catalyst

strategy refinement

governance and optimisation

lean project management

marketing campaigns

legal and finance management

Growth causes pain. However, results are usually astonishing. Growth means having thousands or millions of customers, hundreds of employees and considerable annual turnover.

With all these, comes responsibility. You become accountable for everything your company does, to the eyes of customers, employees and generically, the society.

A company is a living organism that needs to follow basic rules of survival. You will be called to share your vision, define a strategy and develop an action plan to achieve them.

Similarly to living organisms, corporations need to keep operations lean and fit and permanently search for optimisation.

Marketing practices will drive the wagon, but legal, and finance are there to prevent it from going off track.

Corporate Governance is mandatory, as the full set of rules defining how the company must operate internally, to be compliant with standards, regulations and best practices.

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